Carnegie Xorel Gilded Couture Collection

Carnegie Xorel Gilded Couture Collection

Carnegie's Xorel Gilded Couture Collection not only represents an unprecedented aesthetic for textiles, but also a formidable technical achievement.


The innovative application of heat and pressure creates an impressive intertwining of fabric and metal, resulting in an intriguing adornment-"the look of being 'gilded' with thin layers of gold, silver, copper, and stunning rose gold."


With a look reminiscent of high fashion, the Gilded Couture collection adds head-turning style and stunning sophistication to any interior.



The collection is comprised of five modern metallic patterns: Antoinette, Brigitte, Colette, Coco, and Moire Stripe-each of which adds a striking splash of panache to any interior, especially upscale hospitality, retail, and entertainment venues.


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