Carnegie Fabrics’ Uncommon Threads

Carnegie Fabrics’ Uncommon Threads

Carnegie Fabrics has released a new textile collection, ideally suited for panels and upholstered walls.

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Uncommon Threads is comprised of seven distinct designs-each uncommon in their own right as the "intricate patterns have been carefully vetted by designers and weavers with off-loom experiments."

Code 1jpg

Inspired by braille and dot matrix printing, Code evokes the digital age with a big and bold pattern that fairly jumps from the fabric.

Carve 1jpg

Carve is equally intriguing. Offered in five colorways, it features an organic pattern that resembles the random wanderings of tadpoles or amoeba.

Stitch Redjpg

And Stitch is a stunner. Vibrant colors and intricate thread work create a textile for the ages.

Stitch 1jpg

See Carnegie Fabrics to explore the entire Uncommon Threads collection.

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