Inspired Forms in Lighting from Formafantasma and Maison Matisse.

Inspired Forms in Lighting from Formafantasma and Maison Matisse.

Dedicated to Henri Matisse’s spirit of optimism and creative curiosity, Maison Matisse seeks to celebrate the life and work of the artist.

Fold pendants in red and green and floor lamp in blue and wall lamp in brown

Perhaps best know for his contributions to the evolution of Impressionism toward the intense coloration and unbound forms of Fauvism, Matisse also worked with paper collage, especially during the latter part of his career.

Henri Matisse collage art

The paper cut-outs emphasized bold color and the juxtaposition of geometric forms—precisely the inspiration for Formafantasma’s Fold Lighting Collection, available now from Maison Matisse.

Detail of pendant lamp in red

These beautiful lights are created through a rigorous process of laser-cutting and folding steel plates, applying multiple coats of specialized paint and varnish, then assembling the fixture together with a cut paper sheet that diffuses the light source.

Fold green table lamp

The specialized paint and varnish create an intensely reflective surface that modulates the light: “a unique rendering with a depth effect and spectacular shine.”

Fold lighting with designers from Formafantasma

The Fold line includes chandeliers, pendants, floor lamps, and wall lamps. Each piece is numbered and signed by the designers and Maison Matisse.

Three Fold chandeliers in red hanging in front of tan-colored curtain

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