Luceplan Launches Soleil Noir

Luceplan Launches Soleil Noir

Various lights by Luceplan are making their US debut this year, including the futuristic Soleil Noir. With a hidden LED light source and a disk that produces diffused, indirect lighting, Soleil Noir almost "defies the laws of physics, thanks to technology that permits a design bordering on the impossible."


The vision of architect Odile Decq, Soleil Noir has an organic shape and asymmetrical cable, making it look like a suspended hat or planet. Available in black or white molded polyurethane foam, the suspension lamp-with its evocative shape and dangling lightness-reminds me of a Calder mobile.


Other US introductions by Luceplan include Cappuccina by Inga SempĀ©, a floor, table, or suspension lamp with a purposefully "crooked" shade; Mesh, a suspension lamp by Gomez Paz that resembles a net; and Stochastic by Daniel Rybakken, a suspension lamp with silver or satin white spheres dangling at different heights.

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