Tip that Frown Upside Down

Tip that Frown Upside Down

SMILE is an innovative LED concept dreamed up by the dream team of British lighting company BEEM, industrial designer Samuel Wilkinson, and lighting entrepreneurs Chris Stimson and Bujar Shkodra.

BEEM SMILE 2 pendant lamp

The collection pushes the bounds of LEDs. Designed to be used without a shade, the bulbs are made of blown borosilicate glass that’s shaped into the aforementioned facial expression of joy.

BEEM SMILE 1 pendant lamp

There are four styles and three SMILES, which might be likened to ascending memes as a measure of joy: straight-lipped, broad smile, and unrestrained glee.

BEEM SMILE 3 Pendant Lamp

With the addition of the whimsical CURLI, the collection is sure to broaden your grin.

BEEM SMILE CURLI pendant lamp

All SMILE bulbs feature an innovative 120-degree rotation mechanism, allowing for subtle adjustments and synchronized displays. SMILE is available as a pendant, table lamp, or wall lamp.

BEEM SMILE table lamps all four styles

Find out more at BEEM Lighting.

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