EzoBord’s Macaroon is a Tasty Treat

EzoBord’s Macaroon is a Tasty Treat

In the mood for a colorful confection with a soft cookie exterior and creamy center?

Macaroon merlot with cherry red stripe detail

EzoBord’s Macaroon may be the way to go. Modeled after the colorful French pastry, this fetching fixture not only offers a tasty visual treat, it also improves acoustics.

Macaroon three fixtures with lighting in green/yellow

Installed like a pendant light, Macaroon dampens sound in high-ceilinged locales. With a sound absorption coefficient of NRC 1.5, Macaroon creates a notable improvement in sound quality, minimizing reverberation and improving audibility.

Red and purple fixtures with library wall in background

It’s thus ideal whether you’re hoping for silence (as in a library), or if you’d like to engage in spirited conversation that you can actually hear.

Macaroon six fixture in blue and silver color palette

The fixture also incorporates LED lighting, if desired, for the double benefit of improving acoustics and visuals.

architectural sound dampener detail merlot/white with LED light

EzoBord offers Macaroon in multiple colors and color combinations, “layered with a color palette to enrich any environment.”

multicolor detail of Macaroon

The fixture is made of 100% PET (50% post-consumer). It’s Available in three diameters, two thicknesses, and two heights.

overhead fixtures in waiting area in silver

Find out more at EzoBord.

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