Joe the Plumber, Meet the New TARA

If you were watching the third and final Presidential Debate last night, you probably noticed that we have a new celebrity surfacing in this election: the notorious Joe the Plumber (aka Joe Wurzelbacher). But here's a newbie you may not have met. I'd like to introduce everyone to Dornbracht's new TARA. She might not play as an important a role on Election Day but she certainly has the attention of the architecture and design community. Note, this is a bit off course for this blog, but please remember to vote on November 4, 2008.

TARA Ultra. Designed by Sieger Design. Manufactured by Dornbracht.

Back on point, Dornbracht recently showcased the new TARA at IMM Cologne 2008 in Germany. There are two new additions: TARA Ultra single lever faucet and TARA Ultra single hole faucet. The new TARA boasts the same clean, modern design lines, and is now (according to a recent Dornbracht statement) also available with matte white and matte black finishes in the special editions TARA. The clear colors black and white appropriately match TARA's architectural, timeless, and hipster character. The new finishes are additionally distinguished by an especially velvety effect, which conveys a very high-quality, fine grip feeling.

Joe the Plumber, Meet the New TARA

Joe the Plumber, Meet the New TARA

Even at first glance, TARA Ultra emerges from the same design concepts that inspire Tara and Tara Classic. The characteristic TARA spout geometry has been integrated into its own kitchen-specific design. And the exceptionally tall, slender spout frees up ample space for handling large pots and other utensils. Lastly, the ergonomic lever handle features a new, particularly striking design.

So Dornbracht has done it again: another stunning plumbing fixture to enhance any high-end, residential kitchen. Admittedly, TARA is probably not meant for your average Joe (the Plumber) but my vote is affirmatively locked up.

Posted October 16, 2008 by Jacob Slevin

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