Turn Down the Volume with Acoustical Net by ezoBord

ezoBord’s Acoustical Net sound dampening system is an ingenious solution for the distracting cacophonous hum of many an open office.

front view of ezoBord Acoustical Net in black on ceiling of casual office

Constructed largely of polyester (recycled content sourced from plastic bottles), Acoustical Net helps minimize our collective carbon footprint while calming the heart and mind by reducing ambient noise.

ezoBord Acoustical Net in white installed on ceiling of conference room

It’s also got an intriguing aesthetic that emerges from its pragmatic design: a louvered, undulating construction that augments acoustical performance, while also allowing room for sprinklers, lighting, and other ceiling-bound infrastructure.

ezoBord Acoustical Net in brown installed on ceiling of privacy room in office

In sum, Acoustical Net is “an environmentally friendly material shaped to communicate a contemporary design language in different complexity levels and dimensions, creating a unique spatial experience while ensuring acoustical control and comfort.”

ezoBord Acoustical Net in white installed in ceiling of open office

ezoBord offers Acoustical Net in two standard shapes, many dimensions, and 15 captivating colors.

view looking up at ezoBord Acoustical Net in white on ceiling

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