(Not) at NeoCon 2022: New Developments from 3form

(Not) at NeoCon 2022: New Developments from 3form

At the dawn of the biggest A&D trade show of the year, 3form makes a bold move by announcing they’re pulling out of the MART.

Tulsi Obisidan panel with extra sheets and chair

Obisidian Panel from 3form’s Latest, the Tulsi Collection

According to Karli Slocum, 3form Vice President of Marketing, the move reflects increasing trends toward work at home: “A designer’s time is tighter than ever. We want to personalize the approach so their brand experience can be fun and also efficiently address their project goals in the process.”

Detail amber pattern

Tulsi in Amber

Coinciding with the move away from the MART, a new virtual showroom experience will allow designers to interact with the company’s portfolio, connect with the 3form team, and order samples directly, including all specs for project documentation.

Nepalese artisans holding a completed Lokta design

Tulsi panel made by Nepalese artisans

3form is also offering incentives for designers to visit the company’s Salt Lake City showroom for exclusive factory tours, inside news about and previews of forthcoming product launches, and a deep immersion into the 3form aesthetic—which includes up-close encounters with Utah’s natural beauty, main inspiration for the company’s ethos of sustainability.

Pure Tulsi detail

And speaking of natural beauty, 3form is also launching a new collection (pictured throughout this article): Tulsi is an auspicious collaboration between 3form and Nepalese artisans featuring compelling interlays of Nepalese Lokta paper.

Amber partition with partial view of chair

This “textured, winding paper” is a locally-made product featuring intricate, spidering patterns. Lokta is an ancient technique in which the fiber of high-elevation bushes is ground into a pulp, then screen-dried to form opaque, durable sheets.

Pistachio panel

Foregrounded by years of research and 3form/Nepalese collaboration, Tulsi represents the culmination of this dynamic into an intricate design. The final, stunning result is achieved by piping the pulp across the screen with irregular gaps, thus increasing the visibility of the complex patterns.

Artisan hand-piping Lokta paper

An artisan hand-piping the Lokta paper

The final product includes the Lokta design sandwiched between 3form’s flagship Varia resin. Designers may choose from among the many selections in 3form’s 2022 Color Collection: “When Paired with 3form’s tranquil 2022 Color Collection, the Lokta layer takes on the personality of each colorway, allowing designers to make Tulsi their own in any hospitality, healthcare, corporate, or educational environment.”

Tall Tulsi panel in Pistachio with table and chairs beyond

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