At #NeoCon09: Joel Berman Studios Shows “Salt” and “Heat”

Floor Eleven at #NeoCon09 was a terrific exhibition-space, in part because so many manufacturers have permanent showrooms among the spacious, glass-walled expanse. But for a great example of a temporary installation in a relatively small space, I found my way to Joel Berman Glass Studios at 1173 and had a look at two signature and stunning creations: “Salt”—“a new category of flat glass surfacing for interior and exterior architecture and design,” and “Heat”—a sexy chandelier constructed from Berman’s aptly-named “Berman Resin” and a band of 24 cleverly-hidden LEDs.

Glass Heat Chandelier. Manufactured by Joel Berman Glass Studios.

As Mr. Berman himself claims, Salt represents a new aesthetic in architectural glass. The product is constructed from recycled glass “cullet” (fragments that have been pulverized into granular form) which is infused with pigmentation then fused with heat and pressure until it adheres to panes of flat glass. With its textural appeal (the surface resembles crystalline sand) and intermixable colors (32 at least count), “Salt” provides countless options for interior and exterior applications—both decorative and structural. Its high non-slip co-efficient also makes it a great contender as a surfacing material for floors. Panel thicknesses for Salt range from 6 to 22 millimeters, and dimensions range from 33” to 40” wide all the way up 120” high.


In regards to “Heat,” The 2” thick solid resin with its wavy, undulating texture (putting me in mind of streaks of rain on a window) has several advantages over glass: lightweight, no tempering required, and on-site fabrication. This makes it a great material for applications in which weight or transport is an issue, but the material really doesn’t require defending, such is its uncanny resemblance to glass. “Heat” is an incredibly attractive piece, regardless of its composition. The recessed LEDs trickle through the solid resin like the aforementioned rain on a window, providing terrific mood lighting for dining.

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