ezoBord’s Work Zone Dividers

ezoBord’s Work Zone Dividers

A great solution for divvying up space in open plans, ezoBord’s Work Zone Dividers provide easy options to enhance privacy and improve acoustics.

ezoBord's Work Zone Dividers Pixelated Circles in gray, blue, purple, and white in hallway with tabletop shuffleboard game

Made of recycled plastic water bottles, Work Zone Dividers may be set up in hanging configurations (using ezoBord’s track-mounting system) or full-height wall-to-ceiling applications.

ezoBord's Work Zone Dividers floor to ceiling Pixelated Circles gray in office

A variety of shapes and styles are offered—everything from the digitally inspired Pixelated Circles to classic Deco and geometric designs.

ezoBord's Work Zone Dividers blue geometric in conference room

ezoBord’s Work Room Dividers may be customized for length, height, and thickness, as well as pattern. 15 different colors are available.

ezoBord's Work Zone Dividers green vertical design floor-to-ceiling in workroom lounge

For more information, contact ezoBord. And see Designer Pages Media for more space-dividing solutions.

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