LightArt’s Sea Foam and Seagrass: Shining Beacons of Sustainability

LightArt’s Sea Foam and Seagrass: Shining Beacons of Sustainability

Building on last year’s success with the Coil Collection, LightArt doubles down on the sustainability quotient with Sea Foam and Seagrass, two new up-cycled pendants made entirely from near-shore and ocean-bound plastic waste.

Sea Foam pendant three pendants in kitchen

Sea Foam (pictured above) is a spherical pendant with a soft white hue. It’s made from plastic that would ordinarily end up in the ocean, such as single-use plastic bags and water bottles. Crafted from near-shore waste including fishing nets, trawls, and ropes, Seagrass (below) offers a compelling teardrop shape in a spellbinding hue reminiscent of ocean kelp.

Seagrass pendant pictured above fragment of a green fishing net

The pendants represent the next evolution in LightArt’s sustainability ethos. While the original Coil Collection fixtures were made of internally generated waste, the latest additions are exclusively from external sources.

Pile of fishing nets on Alaskan coast
Big pile of single-use plastic bottles

Says Edwin Vice, LightArt’s Director of Research and Development, “Once we were able to solve our own internal waste problem, ocean plastics were a clear next challenge… These pendants represent a greater step in the Coil Collection’s evolution.”

Manufacturing nets into polypropylene pellets
Process: turning ocean plastic into polypropylene pellets
Seagrass manufacture process

Above: steps in LightArt’s process for converting ocean plastic into Coil Collection pendants

Sea Foam and Seagrass also herald an auspicious collaboration that might serve as a model for community-wide sustainability projects: LightArt partnered with Oceanworks, a plastic-action platform that specializes in retrieving plastic from the world’s oceans. Oceanworks sources contamination-free plastic from seven tiers, ranging from post-industrial to deep sea: “Our mission is keeping the oceans clean, so we’re always on the lookout for like-minded partners.”

Seagrass material in hands with fishing net below

Both Sea Foam and Seagrass are made of polypropylene, a variety of plastic that’s different from the upcycled resin used in the first Coil pendants: “Instead of trying to mimic the original process, LightArt decided to let the new material dictate how it wanted to form, resulting in Ocean-Sourced Coil’s spherical shapes and translucent finish.”

two Seagrass pendants
Sea Foam pendant with polypropylene material below

Both pendants feature a PVC-free cord and TGIC-free powder-coated hardware. They’re also equipped with LightArt’s Performance Lighting Core, a solid-state lighting solution that provides a wider range of color temperatures, lumen outputs, beam spreads, and dimming options.

Seagrass pendants

LightArt is a 3form company. See their here to read more about the Coil Collection and the brand’s ongoing sustainability initiatives.

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