At NeoCon 2021: 3form Lauded for Resin Panels, Lighting, and Trophy Design

At NeoCon 2021: 3form Lauded for Resin Panels, Lighting, and Trophy Design

Manufacturer 3form had a pretty impressive showing at NeoCon 2021. Not only did the company win silver for surfacing materials & Finishes with Flek Pure, but partner brand LightArt also took home the award for sustainability in decorative lighting with Coil Collection Naturals.

3form Flek Pure translucent white with color fleks and chairs
Flek Pure

Flek is versatile, smart, and beautiful. See our earlier post on this sustainable product that refines the art of re-capturing internally produced waste material.

3form flek pure clear, peach, orange, and yellow in decorative strips on wall with chair

And Coil Collection Naturals applies the same concept to lighting.

3form LightArt pendants all colors
Coil Collection Naturals

These beautiful pendant lamps take their cue from nature. Hand-spun forms that resemble ceramic, Coil Collection Naturals synthesize the organic with high-tech. They’re 3D-printed using internal waste, which is pelletized and sorted to produce the lamp’s earthy colors.

3form LightArt pendants all colors illuminated

Says LightArt founder Ryan Smith, “We’re looking through the lens of affordability and sustainable lighting options usable at larger scale in commercial environments…. making recycled content look good, maybe even better than the original product.”

3form three LightArt pendants with granular material used to create them beneath

Speaking of looking better than the original product, 3form also had a PR coup with the lovely Best of NeoCon trophy they designed.

3form trophy for Neocon two trophies

Trophy designer Giona Maiarelli elaborates: “The starting point was the “N” of NeoCon. Working with cardboard models we came up with a simple fold that transformed the “N” into a sculptural object.” It’s a subtle integration. The “N” emerges from the intersection between the trophy’s front and back—essentially a pair of contrapuntal trapezoids joined by a slanted rectangle. The structure gives the trophy textural weight and dimensionality, not to mention its several balance points, making it easy to display.

3form trophy for NeoCon close-up

Overall, the trophy is understated yet striking. It uses an elegant and economical shape that’s like origami, yet fashioned in the company’s proprietary Chroma resin, the ideal material, according to Christian Darby, 3form’s VP of Design and Marketing: “It comes in a great variety of colors, it allows for a number of seaming options, it can be molded or CNC’d, and it can be etched to get clean fine lines and small type on it.” And the color is a beautiful translucent shade of deepest blue, Yves Klein blue, in fact, “an electric blue that is vibrant and luminous,” and that also nicely reflects the NeoCon brand.

3form trophy for NeoCon paired with chroma color samples

Read more about Flek Pure at 3form and Coil Collection Naturals at LightArt. Look for the 3form-designed trophy astride each of the 104 Best of NeoCon 2021 winners.

Posted October 9, 2021 by Joseph Starr

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