At NeoCon 2022: Check Out Clasp Ring

At NeoCon 2022: Check Out Clasp Ring

From perennial performers Snowsound (the company won two Silver awards in October), the latest Clasp Ring adds to their impressive oeuvre of sound-attenuating products.

Clasp Ring gray abouve table

Imagine the most sumptuous curtain at the loveliest, old-school movie theater (do they even still exist?), then crimp this into a compact circular form and you’ll have a good sense of the aesthetic terrain herein.

Blue elements in fancy dining room

Made of the proprietary Snowsound-Fiber 3 Melange fabric, Clasp Ring earns its cylindrical structure courtesy of an internal chromed tubular steel frame.

Clasp Ring black view from above

The combination is simple and elegant, an intuitive way to create the pleats that make Clasp Ring so effective at knocking down echoes and improving the aural ambience.

Snowsound Green several in open work area

The product is also appropriate for both large and small spaces. Different sizes and height-adjustable cables enable a pinpoint acoustics and a good visual fit.

Snowsound green short Clasp Ring with incorporated lighting

If you wish to dispense with the proverbial two birds, you can use the luminiare version, which may be embedded with a variety of different fixtures.

Clasp Ring with internal light schematic

Visit with Snowsound and check out Clasp Ring at NeoCon 2022, Showroom 1197.

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