Another Acoustical Solution from Unika Vaev

Another Acoustical Solution from Unika Vaev

Unika Vaev and designer Bryndís Bolladóttir have vastly improved the acoustics of architectural glass. With a fast and easy addition, Kula turns glass into an eco-friendly, sound-damping surface—an “acoustic solution of great properties.”

Unika Vaev Kula several units in green, gray, and blue in conference room

Kula is comprised of pure Icelandic wool surrounding a wooden-framed half-moon. Simply screw in the supplied suction cup and align the sides to make the magic that is Kula, creating a sublime interstellar aesthetic in the bargain.

Unika Vaev Kula view of interior of unit and suction cup attachment

Indeed, Kula’s look is so cool that the acoustical improvement is like icing on the cake.

Unika Vaev Kula six units in green, blue, and gray in presentation room

The globes may be installed singly or in groupings. For best performance, Unika Vaev recommends covering 35% of the wall, with space between units not to exceed one foot.

Unika Vaev Kula two units yellow and gray installed on glass partition with gray ottoman beneath

See Unika Vaev to find out more.

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