Motif Acoustic Panels

Motif Acoustic Panels

The perfect accompaniment to acoustic lighting, Motif Acoustic Panels offer a versatile solution for designers who are bumping up against the complications of color consistency throughout a space.

Motif green panel suspended from ceiling in conference room

The panels’ first calling card is versatility: available in 15 colors and both PET felt and wool, Motif can be custom-cut, shaped, printed, and generally molded into the form that best works with the space, whether for wall and ceiling panels, acoustic partitions, acoustic pinboards, or custom acoustic designs.

Suspended panels in rectangular and square shapes above collaboration table

Secondly, these panels offer a minimal ecological footprint. Made from 99% recycled PET, Motif panels enter the product stream easily and go out softly too: they’re completely recyclable.

Blade style panels in light gray

Number three pretty much goes without saying but I’ll say it anyway. These panels make for a more pleasant space. With an NRC rating of .85, Motif offers some of the most effective noise absorption on the market, helping to create a more focused and productive environment. And the wellness factor is magnified since the panels are completely non-toxic and non-allergenic.

Acoustical material on wall and sofa in different shades of blue

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