Take Umage with Stylish Seating from KFI Studios

Take Umage with Stylish Seating from KFI Studios

When I first came across the term “Umage,” I assumed it was a coinage, perhaps a comibination of “umbrage” and “image.”

Umage conversation piece black oak with white sands upholstery

Looking at KFI Studios’ Umage seating line, that interpretation wouldn’t be too out of line, given that both the “Reader” and “Conversation Piece” chairs are easy on the eyes and welcoming to the soul.

Umage reader black oak with brown sugar upholstery in sitting room

In fact, and much in the manner of “Hygge,” the word is a Danish term that defines a lifestyle and general approach to design. Its literal translation is “make a bit more effort.”

Umage conversation piece in dark oak with white sands upholstery

Both chairs feature solid oak, laminated veneer, and 100% recycled upholstery—quality materials and craftsmanship for an heirloom piece that’s designed to last generations. And certainly this is one aspect of “Umage,” making an effort by investing in durable and beautiful furniture—and being choosy about what you bring into your home.

Umage natural with sterling upholstery

Both the Reader and Conversation Piece chairs are now available in Black Oak. Upholstery colors include sugar brown, white sands, sterling, and shadow.

the Reader chair Black Oak with black upholstery in sitting room

Get further details at KFI Studios. And go to Designer Pages Media for more Scandinavian designed seating.

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