Vaux is Worth its Weight

Vaux is Worth its Weight

From the French, “Vaux,” means valorous or of value. It also signifies to count/belong and to bring in wealth.

Vaux round white top, black base with wooden chairs and pendant lamp

That may seem like a lot to ascribe to a humble table, but KFI Studio’s Vaux expresses those qualities in various ways, multiple incarnations.

several small square-top tables in café setting

Modeled after the classic yet utilitarian star-shaped steel base table, Vaux ups the ante (and the aesthetic) with highly sculpted legs and piers, for a table that’s “softer, cleaner, and more relevant to today’s spaces.”

Vaux high table with natural top and white chairs
Vaux low table wood top, black base with two lounge chairs against blue wall

Vaux is available in a variety of lengths, heights, widths, and surface profiles. The many choices give it a mix-and-match aspect that makes it yet more appealing, especially to the eclectically minded.

White on white tables with white chairs in café setting

Learn more about the many faces of Vaux at KFI Studios. And see 3rings to check out other innovative tables.

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