Durasein is Your Getaway to Resilient Surface

Durasein is Your Getaway to Resilient Surface

Understandably, Denizens of Dublin, Ohio get an occasional yearning for the coast. And I don’t mean the Northeast or even the Pacific Northwest, but rather the more seasonal allure of Southern California or Australia.

Durasein in Getaway Brewing bartop

*Photography courtesy of Kate Hogan

Just so, Dublin’s Getaway Brewing Company fills this niche. The watering hole/restaurant incorporates bountiful greenery, natural light, an earthen palette, and oak furniture, alongside Durasein solid surface in Bianaca Sabbia for the bartops, banquette tables, and restroom vanities.

Tables at Getaway Brewiing

Durasein’s curvy shapes align with the relaxed feel of the coastal decor, and the Bianca Sabbia color evokes the miles and miles of sandy beaches found on the West Coast and all throughout Australia.

Detail of Durasein solid surface

Getaway designer Jenine Monks of Dune House Creative chose Durasein because of its versatility and appealing texture: “it really spoke to the coastal vibe we were going for. Besides the look of a travertine, it has such a wonderfully soft feel underhand, and great variation to hide wear and tear.”

Bartop detail with brass lamps

The material works especially well in applications that require complex shapes. Made of the natural ore bauxite and high-performance acrylic resin, Durasein is incredibly dense like quartz or marble, yet easy to fabricate. It can be cut and formed with standard woodworking tools.

Wide view of Getaway Brewing

It’s also naturally anti-bacterial, 100% food-safe, and non-toxic—just the right ingredients for a busy and popular restaurant.

Getaway brewing comfy chairs and Durasein countertops

Durasein is renewable, repairable, recyclable, and reusable. Dozens of colors are available, in solids as well as styles that match the look of wood and stone.

Getaway Brewing view of bar

Find out more at Durasein.

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