Viatera by LG Hausys

Viatera by LG Hausys


by LG Hausys is a strong, durable, and hygienic countertop. Viatera Quartz Surface offers a wide variety of colors and textures that complement diverse interiors. In the kitchen or bath, Viatera provides beauty with "benefits that far exceed those of any other natural stone."


The material, composed of 93% quartz, is strong, non-porous, seamless, and low-maintenance (it does not require regular application of sealants or waxes). And there is a Viatera for everyone: it comes in more than fifty colors spanning seven collections-from Celeste, with its spectrum of white tones; to Nimbus, which resembles a storm cloud; to Galaxy Ice, with its glittering specks against inky black.


Another great feature of Viatera is its jumbo size, which makes it a great choice for larger kitchen islands, as standard slabs measure 119 x 55 inches. And due to Viatera's popularity, LG Hausys recently opened a second production facility in the Atlanta area, where the company will develop "new colors, never-before-explored patterns and enhanced finishes."


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