Arconas Rux Recycling Bins

Arconas Rux Recycling Bins

Manufacturer Arconas makes a sustainable statement by perfecting the humble recycling bin: they offer three incarnations of the Rux Series.


Rux II has a 20-gallon capacity and sorts items into two separate bins; Rux III doubles the storage with 42 gallons and a three bin system; and Rux IV is a four-bin unit with 40 gallon capacity.


All models feature durable stainless steel construction, recessed bases, and hinged and chained lids. Locks are standard. Options include stainless steel or powder coated finishes. And custom graphics may also be specified.


The Rux bins are ideal for educational environments-not only do they set a great example and teach children about the importance of conserving resources, they also contain 25% recycled content.


For additional information, see Arconas.

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