RedDot Best of Award for Compac ICE of Genesis

RedDot Best of Award for Compac ICE of Genesis

Leave it to Arik Levy to attempt to duplicate the origins of the world.

Compac ICE frozen arctic lake

The designer’s Genesis collection, for surfaces firm Compac, is inspired by the idea of beginnings, of the elemental origins of nature and the forms and textures that emerge and persist.

Compac ICE detail white

Recent winner of the Red Dot Best of the Best of Award, Levy’s ICE of Genesis collection evokes great expanses of frozen arctic lakes, but also the more generalized patterns of natural phenomena: the flash of a lightning bolt, the tenuous filaments of a spider’s web, the shapes etched upon the landscape by wind.

Compac ICE detail black

Ice of Genesis is certainly a visual and tactile achievement—the stated goal was to “create a material that has depth but is also flat and resistant… Imitating the feeling of walking on ice, exquisitely balanced between fragility and stability”—but it’s also a technological one.

Compac ICE white on furniture

Levy collaborated with Compac to devise a method of linking these quartz slabs together, creating the illusion that each piece is a solid block when in fact they are not: “It looks like it’s made out of a block, but it isn’t. We are able to match the veins, and their energy… and that isn’t solid; it’s made out of places, proving that we can compose nearly anything in volume and in a specific space.

Compac ICE black stairs
Compac ICE black vanity
Compac ICE gray with the designer

Compac Ice of Genesis is a durable, long-lived surfacing material that’s great for floors, stairs, cladding, furniture, sculptures, and other art installations. This year, Compac and Levy have expanded the palette as a tribute to the changing seasons with ICE Green, Gold, Viola, and Ink.

Compac ICE green
Compac ICE ink

Find out more at Compac.

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