Inverness Collection by Cambria Quartz

Inverness Collection by Cambria Quartz

It’s telling that Cambria Quartz chose to name their latest, the Inverness collection, after this ancient and fabulously myth-laden city—the Northern-most in the U.K.

Inverness Collection Bronze detail

Home of such myths and historical moments as the Loch Ness monster and the battle of Culloden, Inverness is a figuratively and literally stormy terrain, perfectly matching the collection’s aesthetic, which is comprised of “four new designs in textured compositions with debossed veining… to capture the beauty of disruptions in nature.”

Inverness Collection Cobalt in kitchen island

Inverness Cobalt features veins in a tempestuous shade of blue, evoking the stormy waters within and around historic Inverness.

Inverness Collection cobalt detail

Bronze offers warmer tones, suggestive of desert landscapes and rust-colored, wind-blown earth.

Inverness Collection gold on fireplace surround

Gold enters the cavernous terrain of volcanoes and igneous rock, with a molten appearance that “glimmers and undulates.” This color provides a versatile look that pairs well with contemporary kitchen and bathroom styles.

Inverness Collection bronze detail

Reminiscent of breaks in billowy clouds, Platinum offers an ashy tone set within a pristine white backdrop. Shots of tan give Platinum great depth, dimension, and versatility.

Summer Kath, Cambria Executive Vice President of Design, emphasizes that the Inverness Collection has to be experienced in person: “With a subtle texture that’s so unique… you really have to touch it.” Find out more at Cambria Quartz.

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