Top Ten: Brightening Bathroom Surfaces

If you can’t get a run in or have a healthy breakfast, the next best way to wake up and feel refreshed is by waking up to an interior design that can brighten whichever side of the bed you woke up on. Since the bathroom is the place we stroll into at our earliest state (if we’re lucky), this week’s list of the Top Ten: Brightening Bathroom Surfaces is dedicated to the bathroom counters that beam radiant hope with a clean, shining welcome to start each day off right.

Top Ten: Brightening Bathroom Surfaces.

Let Every Morning Glow Lightly with a Beautiful Bathroom Counter

Top Ten: Brightening Bathroom Surfaces.

1. 100 Percent
Dimensions: 44″ x 112″; 1″ thickness

With a standard saw cut edge and 1″ thickness, 3form’s 100 Percent bathroom counter surfaces come in a striped pattern, solid neutral colors or blends, like the “Cut Grass” design shown. Its minimal environmental footprint makes the 100 Percent an industry favorite with its entirely post-consumer recycled HDPE content.

Top Ten: Brightening Bathroom Surfaces.

2. Infinitos
PRICE: $62- 75/sq.foot
Dimensions: 0.25″ thickness

“Inspired by the modern Bauhaus movement, Infinitos counters are constructed of solid steel, exuding unrivaled permanence, presence, and solidity,” describes manufacturing company, Minimis. Their 0.25″ thick countertops of several different colors have a thin profile and modern appearance that work with virtually all types of cabinetry, bringing forth the elegance of solid-colored steel.

Top Ten: Brightening Bathroom Surfaces.

3. New York – Madras® Glass
MANUFACTURER: Vitrealspecchi
Dimensions: 88.6″ x 126.4″; up to 0.6″ thickness

The Madras® glass model “New York”, by Vitrealspecchi, has a refined, green-tinted glow for a soothing effect on non-morning people. With a thickness of up to 0.6″, New York’s extra clear finish has what they call “high anti-scratch and anti-stain performance” that works wonderfully for hygienic bathroom surface needs and overall strength.

Top Ten: Brightening Bathroom Surfaces.

4. Zero-C
Dimensions: 1.5″ thickness

Like a slab of glacial ice, the Zero-C is made from a thermo-formed float glass and uses reclaimed glass cut into fractured segments to create the look. Heat fusing the shards between sheets of a similar color, the resulting glass surface by UroGlass Design can be custom-fabricated to include sink cutouts, holes, or an edge polish, if so desired.
Top Ten: Brightening Bathroom Surfaces.

5. Chivalry Blue
Dimensions: varies

As Vetrazzo begins in their reflective description of the Chivalry Blue surface, “Chivalry. It makes you think of knights in armor saving damsels in distress. Damsels seldom need saving anymore it seems, but Chivalry is not dead. At least it’s alive and well at Vetrazzo…” Using recycled beverage bottles, the Chivalry Blue is a magnificent design that spins bold blue and clear glass shades into a gleaming white background.

Top Ten: Brightening Bathroom Surfaces.

6. Riverstone
Dimensions: varies

Although they might look painted on, don’t let what seems to be a one-dimensional image fool you: the Riverstone is actually made from marble stones embedded into a polyester resin matrix. Available for either commercial or residential use, the tiles by Robin Reigi can be used on countertops and even wall cladding and backsplashes. The surface material comes in six different matrix colors and six different varieties of stones to match.
Top Ten: Brightening Bathroom Surfaces.

7. Limbus 3
MANUFACTURER: WS Bath Collections
Dimensions: varies

Since a little straying off the beaten path in our Top Ten list keeps us honest, the Limbus 3 wood washbasin combined with a countertop is a beautiful way to incorporate wood into a bathroom space – and a sink into a countertop. Especially great for small square footage, the WS Bath Collections create their design as either a countertop or wall-hung plank that is available in wenge/birch or oak/birch combinations.

Top Ten: Brightening Bathroom Surfaces.

8. Concetto® White Quartz 8141
Dimensions: varies

Formed by semi-precious stones for a luxury look, the Concetto® White Quartz 8141 surfaces come together as a solid piece of varied counter surface fashion. As Caesarstone describes of their extra clean but never dull design, it uses “nature’s unique designs and hues” to inspire this particularly dreamy slab of Caesarstone quartz using plentiful features and custom sizing.
Top Ten: Brightening Bathroom Surfaces.

9. Quartz Compac
MANUFACTURER: Ideal Tile Studio Group
Dimensions: varies

“Characterized by its extraordinary hardness, abrasion resistance and easy cleaning,” the glossy finish of the Ideal Tile Studio Group’s Quartz Compac surfaces are described with all of the essentials covered. Perfect for more than residential applications, the Quartz Compac is also useful as a surface in most heavy traffic areas due to its exceptional strength and resilience.

Top Ten: Brightening Bathroom Surfaces.

10. Bio Glass
MANUFACTURER: Coverings Etc.
Dimensions: 110″ x 49″; 3/4″ thickness

The Coverings Etc. surface known as Bio Glass is a fully recyclable bathroom counter surface that is also extremely earth-friendly. Beside being recyclable after the fact, Bio Glass also uses 100% recycled glass to bring out the brilliance in white, light green or brown. Their semi-transparency creates an airy, magical feel in the bathroom – and comes non-tempered with a natural satin finish and subtle texture.

Hope you enjoyed our roundup of the Top Ten Brightening Bathroom Surfaces!

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