Repel Stains, Keep Clean with Supreen

Repel Stains, Keep Clean with Supreen

Supreen by Nassimi is an innovative hybrid fabric that offers the oft-anticipated promise of 100% liquid repellancy.

Supreen on gold-colored fabric repelling soy sauce

A “unique liquid barrier with a soft hand,” Supreen aspires for the best of both worlds: liquid impermeability with a woven textile feel.

Supreen on dining chair with gray upholstered seat repelling water

Supreen Fabric Repelling Water on the Oslo Chair. Image Credit: Paul Brayton Designs

Supreen’s high-performance is hard-earned. The fabric is a woven polyester blend that’s solution-dyed, ionically purified to remove 99% of contaminants, then immersed in a silicone solution, “permanently embedding a thin layer into the fibers without altering appearance or texture.”

Supreen swatches detail

The innovative fabric effectively makes for a permanent barrier. Liquid will remain on the surface into perpetuity without penetrating. This is great news for holiday reveries, as Supreen upholstery stands firm even in the face of gravy and wine.

Supreen gray with water droplets

Supreen’s Winter 2021 selection features a broad palette of neutrals and vibrant jewel tones. It’s currently available from select distributors—a list that includes top textile manufacturers, including Designtex, Carnegie Fabrics, Knoll Textiles, and Wolf-Gordon.

Supreen on bright red fabric

Find out more at Nassimi.

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