Architex Presents the Vertex Crypton Collection

Architex Presents the Vertex Crypton Collection

If the name of Architex’s latest textile collection sounds futuristic that’s because it is.

Vertex Crypton aperture swatches
Aperture Textiles from the Vertex Crypton Collection

Vertex Crypton is a technologically advanced polyester blend textile whose main calling card is Architex’s patented Crypton performance, offering stain-resistant, antimicrobial, and moisture barrier protection “woven to protect against life’s uh-oh moments.”

Vertex Crypton Edge Swatches pattern of partial hexagons on solid background

There are nine patterns in 79 colorways, from the intricate textural interplay of Aperture to the subtle geometric stylings of Edge to Element’s motif of light and dark, Vertex Crypton offers a nice variety of aesthetic options.

Vertex Crypton Element textile pattern of circles with squared off edges in several colors

Find out more at Architex.

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