House of Hackney Partners with Woolkeepers to Keep Wool Transparent

House of Hackney Partners with Woolkeepers to Keep Wool Transparent

While it certainly would be cool if we had such a thing, the transparency referred to above is not literal but rather a component of the company’s B Corporation certification—earned via commitments to social and environmental performance.

Earthgirl Velvet Cushion from House of Hackney

The recent alliance with Woolkeepers, a united supply chain that provides sourcing integrity, is one element that has helped HoH to achieve excellent sustainable credentials.

Sabre Velvet Cushion

With a mission of ensuring animal welfare, Woolkeepers helps to keep prices fair and provenance visible.

Hollyhocks Velvet Cushion

A five-step process ensures quality, safety, and animal welfare: 1. Sourcing Integrity—Woolkeepers tracks each bundle from the farm to the shop; 2. Animal Welfare—all wool is sourced from dedicated farmers who practice good animal husbandry; 3. Environmental Responsibility—Woolkeepers’ suppliers are committed to careful land management, avoiding synthetic soil conditioners and practicing regenerative agriculture; 4. Fair Prices—working with industry standards to pay farmers a premium; 5. Farm Provenance—all HoH cushions include a scanable QR code that traces the wool’s journey from sheep to pillow.

Camelot Stripe Cushion

All House of Hackney cushions now feature Woolkeepers’ wool, with designs from the proper and conventional to the rare and exotic to the sumptuous and phantasmagorical.

Find out more at House of Hackney.

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