At NeoCon 2011: Ilias Collection by Instyle

Sydney-based designer Ilias Fotopoulos created this trio of fabric options for Australian textile company Instyle. His namesake collection, Ilias Collection, includes the patterns Molecular, Braille, and Blink, all of which borrow ideas and forms from his wallpaper designs. “The simplest geometric structures of dots and lines from unexpected sources invite touch and observations,” explains Fotopoulos.

Ilias Collection. Designed by Ilias Fotopoulos. Manufactured by Instyle. Distributed by Unika Vaev.

Dots and Lines Inspire Green Textiles

Braille tells a story entitled “Listen and Record” by Juro Osawa, which is written in Braille. This pattern makes a statement: “The design aims to question the notions of decoration, publishing, accessibility of design and interaction of the observer, through the language of Braille.” Molecular and Blink also use simple dots, in combination with lines. These fabrics feature scientific and hi-tech motifs.

Ilias Collection. Designed by Ilias Fotopoulos. Manufactured by Instyle. Distributed by Unika Vaev.

The textiles in the Ilias Collection are intended for varied environments, “because of their high performance and durability qualities.” These products contain over 60% renewable content (cotton) and use environmentally optimized dyes. Additionally, Instyle manufactures their textiles using reduced energy consumption practices.

Molecular, Braille, and Blink are distributed in the United States and Canada exclusively by Unika Vaev, the textile division of ICF. Meaning “unique weave” in Danish, Unika Vaev has been manufacturing durable and rich fabrics since the 1950s: “It is the true essence of the ‘unique weaves’ as well as the sophisticated color palette of the collection, which has allowed Unika Vaev to emerge as a design leader in the contract textile market.” The addition of the Instyle line to their products offers customers stylish and green choices.

About the Manufacturer: Instyle Contract Textiles is an Australian contract textile supplier started in 1987 by Michael Fitzsimons, owner and current CEO. Instyle is known for its wool upholstery textiles, notably its LIFE sustainable collection (Low Impact For the Environment). As of 2009, Instyle is distributed exclusively by Unika Vaev.

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