Inga Sempé’s Matin Illuminates All Day Long

Inga Sempé’s Matin Illuminates All Day Long

There’s something iconic in the conical shape of Inga Sempé’s Matin lamp for Hay.

Matin green shade table lamp

Perhaps it’s in the invocation of a jaunty parasol, with its sense of old world refinement.

Matin red shade wall lamp

Or maybe it’s about an Asian aesthetic, approximating, as it does, the look of Japanese fans or paper lanterns, with their sense of movement and manipulation of light and shadow.

Matin six wall lamps in purple, yellow, gray, white, red, green

Whatever the antecedent, there’s certainly a feel of the poetic here. The engaging pleated cotton shade is tactile and dynamic, and the simple steel wire bent frame is utilitarian and no-nonsense.

Matin yellow table lamp

Together they offer an intriguing interplay of straight and circular, flexible and rigid.

Matin six table lamps in window gray, white, purple, red, yellow, green

Matin features an integrated LED with diffused downlight. An optional digital in-line dimmer controls light output.

Matin ceiling, wall, and table lamp in yellow, red, and gray

Matin is available as a table lamp, wall lamp, and flush-mount ceiling lamp. Go to Hay or Inga Sempé to find out more.

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