Something Old and Something New for 2023 from Seletti at Maison & Objet

Something Old and Something New for 2023 from Seletti at Maison & Objet

Maison & Objet begins later this week, and Italian figurative design company Seletti is ready with tweaks to earlier objects, rekindlings of past partnerships, and exciting new collaborations.

Marcantoni My Moon Table Lamp. Child-like lamp in a sickle moon shape.

Marcantonio My Moon Table Lamp

Artistic Director Stefano Seletti thinks this January edition of the show portends good things for the new year, “strengthening some of our successful collections while also moving towards the cross between design and art.”

Freedom is more powerful than fear carpet

Burnt Carpet by Loredana Longo

Kintsugi Cutlery

Evoking the venerated Japanese art of repairing ceramics with gold, Marcantonio’s new Kintsugi collection offers an intriguing depiction of this artisanal craft. Complementing the existing set of plates, bowls, cups, glasses, and vases, the new steel cutlery set duplicates the look of fragmented pieces reassembled with gold—reminding us of the beauty inherent in reclaiming broken things.

Seletti Kintsugi cutlery with manufactured cracks filled with gold leaf

My Little Bonfire

Also from Marcantonio, the “My Little Bonfire” lamp joins the brand’s “My Little” diorama family of fanciful objects. This clever re-creation of the everlasting flame uses a soft dimmer light to control the intensity in order to “create the right spirit of conviviality and joy.”

My Little Bonfire lamp


With imaginative antecedents in Alice in Wonderland and Timothy Leary, the Amanita Garden Set is a mycologist’s dream. Named for the largest class of mushrooms, Amanita contains depictions of both benign and poisonous varieties, conflating a simple table and chairs with the mysterious mycorrhizae and the liminal terrain between life and death.

Table and chair garden set in the form of fanciful and colorful mushrooms

Amanita Table and Chairs by Marcantonio

Toiletpaper Home Curtains

Longtime Seletti collaborator Toiletpaper Home expands their oeuvre of vases, trays, deck chairs, cabinets, dressers, and more, with creative curtains, “an essential element for decorating the domestic environment winking at a reinterpreted retro.” This particular take on retro features the celebrated “Shit,” “Frames,” “Eyes&Roses,” “Snakes,” and “Lipsticks” prints, just the thing to keep you in a hip frame of mind while showering.

Toiletpaper Home

Burnt Carpet

Lastly, Loredana Longo’s Burnt Carpet collection is right at home with the outlandish gestures of both Seletti and Maison & Object. These transformed objects use the potent medium of fire to expand the meaning of a familiar icon of domesticity. Pithy sayings by Antonio Guterres, Barack Obama, Edward M. Kennedy, and Donald Tusk are burned into the fibers—a self-conscious defacing that expands meaning and provokes dialogue.

Dream shall never die carpet

Check out these unusual and arresting objects in Seletti’s “surreal and ironic” exhibition space at Maison & Objet, Paris, January 19-23.

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