Giravolta Does a Good Turn

Giravolta Does a Good Turn

The concept of turning is endemic to Pedrali’s Giravolta, a clever and versatile lamp designed by Alberto Basaglia and Natalia Rota Nodari.

Giravolta table lamp black

Giravolta is made of arcs: the dual plastic circular forms that constitute base and diffuser, and the broad extruded aluminum half-stadium structure joining the two.

Giravolta lamp in red on top of desk in colorful room with royal blue upholstered chair

The lamp has an intimate feel. This, coupled with the rotating diffuser that delivers light with pinpoint precision, make Giravolta just right for nooks and carrels, when you want private, targeted illumination.

Giravolta table lamp in gray on desk with privacy panel

But it also works well for playful ambient lighting, such as you might desire at a Christmas feast or on a verdant patio.

Several Giravolta lamps on colorful Christmas table
Giravolta three lamps on patio with wall of greenery

Also, Voila! Giravolta is wireless. It charges courtesy of a lithium battery and integrated micro USB device.

lamp detail (yellow) showing charging port

So use it indoors or out, in a cozy nook or for an open, artsy display.

Several lamps with rotating diffuses atop pedestals of different heights and colors

Giravolta also includes an integrated magnet in the base to fix the light on metal surfaces or walls. It operates via touch control and has three light intensities.

Selection of six different colored lamps in the colleciton

See Pedrali to find out more.

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