At NeoCon 2021: Pallas Textiles Goes Tech

At NeoCon 2021: Pallas Textiles Goes Tech

NeoCon is over but the buzz of new products remains, lingering in the air like an autumn sunset…

Techne Collection Shift textile of different kite-like shapes in many colors on purple background on modular sofa
Shift, from the Techne Collection by Pallas Textiles

Speaking of mixed metaphors, Pallas Textiles’ Techne Collection is as futuristic as a seamstress’ handcrafted quilt.

Techne Collection Edge textile detail of overlapping squares in different colors on gray background
Techne Edge Textile

Pallas Textiles point out that the above statement makes surprising sense, as the root, “tech” actually refers to art or craft: “this nuance is the inspiration behind Techne, which melds technology and craftsmanship in this non-woven collection.”

Techne Collection Origin textile four solid colors on dining chairs around breakfast table
Techne Origin Textile

The idea is to unify technology with handcrafting, and the result is this collection of six stunning styles that look woven but are not, are, in fact, digitally printed.

Techne Collection Flux textile solid lines in white and black with little rectangles in a variety of colors
Techne Flux Collection

The theme is reflected in the patterns themselves: from Flux (above) modeled on the flow of energy through our omnipresent electronics, to Arc (below), a graphical representation of synaptic connection, to Origin (above, on chair upholstery) a foundational solid evoking “the starting point of a technological system from which a palette can be built.”

Techne Collection Arc textile half circles in different colors overlapping each other on two lounge chairs in lobby with view of outside
Arc Textile

Together, the six patterns of the Techne Collection are both an abstract and graphical representation of the synergy between craft and automation, between creative concept and the amazing technology we have at our disposal to bring ideas to fruition.

Techne Collection six swatches detailed view
Pallas Textiles’ Techne Collection

Find out more at Pallas Textiles. And remember that the NeoCon Hub is still up and available for reviewing the 100s of new 2021 product launches.

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