At NeoCon 2021: Hightower’s Revamped Showroom

At NeoCon 2021: Hightower’s Revamped Showroom

Congrats to Hightower on winning IIDA's award for best small showroom (under 4,000 sq. ft.) at NeoCon last week. IIDA CEO and Executive VP Cheryl Durst commented, "an exceptional use of thought and creativity that humanizes the way we think about design."

Hightower showroom at NeoCon

I'm pleased to second the notion. The exhibition space is relatively small yet replete with a stunning variety of textures and colors, shapes and sizes, large spaces and intimate enclaves that gently ease observers through while inviting them to experience the endless geometry of the products therein.

Hightower Showroom at NeoCon

The showroom achieves a delicate balance—between straight and curved; open and closed; sedate grays, vibrant pastels, and sunny oranges and reds.

Hightower showroom at NeoCon

The company's permanent space at the Mart drew similar accolades. Re-designed in collaboration with Portland, OR-based firm Casework, Hightower's Chicago showroom won IIDA's Best Of Competition award, characterized by Casework designer Casey Keasler as having "a maximalist mentality... cultivating optimism for Hightower's more minimal style of furniture."

Hightower permanent showroom at Merchandise Mart with Levels Benches
Levels Benches and Tess Planters

The space welcomes visitors with a front lounge room adorned with Hightower's award-winning Adapt Modular Seating (winner of the Metropolis Likes award and Interior Design honoree in High Back Contract Seating) in a lush rosy velvet, complemented on the wall above by a set of sculptural artwork in a circular motif.

Hightower permanent showroom at the Merchandise Mart with Adapt modular sofa
Adapt Modular Lounge

That arched passage to the left gives to an expansive atrium with a geometric trompe l'oeil wallpaper (a pattern of box-like shapes on a light pink background) and lined with Hightower's Four Likes privacy booths and Proto chairs—for an enhanced depiction of the third dimension evoked with the Escher-esque wall covering.

Hightower permanent showroom at the merchandise mart with Four Likes privacy booths
Four Likes Booths

Hightower's permanent showroom at the Merchandise Mart with Four Likes Privacy Booths and couch

And the living area is vast and spacious. Keasler says she was after a 70s sunken living room feel, "where everybody hangs out until the wee hours of the morning." The living room space includes an impressive roster of low, comfy Kona couches in a bright peach, complemented by a commissioned textile scuplture that's like a millennial version of classic macramé.

Hightower permanent showroom at the merchandise mart with Kona Sofas
Kona Modular Sofa

Head to the Mart to check out Hightower's permanent showroom and all the excellent products therein. Head to the Hightower website for a virtual tour and details on some of the products mentioned above, including Adapt Modular Seating, the Proto Chairs, Kona Sofa, Levels Benches, Four Likes Privacy Booths, and Tess Planters.

Posted October 13, 2021 by Joseph Starr

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