BOLON Meets Urquiola

BOLON Meets Urquiola

Swedish flooring brand Bolon and the iconic Patricia Urquiola have collaborated on an exciting new design forward collection: BOLON by Patricia Urquiola.

BOLON by Patricia Urquiola Sage in room with gray geometric chair and other geometric art objects

Bolon flooring, already known for its durable, highly textured surface, was a natural fit for Urquiola’s inquisitiveness and creativity. While examining Bolon’s weaving technique, she discovered a resemblance to the Japanese craft of Sashiko, a thrifty stitching style using heavy threads and patches to reinforce worn garments.

BOLON by Patricia Urquiola Nude in room with gauzy pink curtain and leather upholstered lounge chair

Just as with Sashiko, Urquiola employs a light colored thread with a solid color fabric, in this case expanding on the traditional dark blue with the collection’s four coloways: Light, Sage, Grey, and Nude, a warm and inviting color with hints of pink and beige.

BOLON by Patricia Urquiola Nude detail

The effect is subtle but palpable. Bolon says the collection conveys coziness and warmth, qualities enhanced by the Sashiko weave, “incorporating patterns, simple geometric representations, and color combinations.”

BOLON by Patricia Urquiola gray detail next to gray upholstered lounge chair

Bolon incorporates a high percentage of recycled material into their flooring as reclaimed material from production. The BOLON by Patricia Urquiola collection is available in rolls and made-to-measure rugs.

BOLON by Patricia Urquiola Sage detail

Contact Bolon for further information. And go to Designer Pages Media for more from Patricia Urquiola.

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