Bacteria-Busting Floors: Healthcare Top 5

Bacteria-Busting Floors: Healthcare Top 5

Perfect for hospital and healhtcare environments, antimicrobial and antifungal coatings are built into these smart flooring solutions.

HYDROTECT by Crossvilile Tiles_1

Crossville tiles recently introduced an invisible self-cleaning and antibacterial coating across their tile product offering. Called HYDROTECT®, the environment-enhancing coating is suitable for use both indoors and out and is activated by sunlight. Because the coating kills 99.9% of four main bacteria strain it drastically reduces the need for cleaning detergents and water.


Slip-resistant, stain-resistant and sanitized with an antimicrobial treatment, the Flotex floor by Forbo Flooring Systems comes in fifteen different patterns including contemporary designs with geometric, linear angles to all-over, solid designs that accentuate a texture.

Solid Vinyl tiles by Flexco

Available in 18 colorful designs, Flexco’s Solid Vinyl tiles have a built-in antimicrobial barrier that controls bacteria and fungi.

Sanipath by Mats Inc Flooring

Antimicrobial and antifungal additives are infused during production of Mats Inc. Flooring’s Sanipath – an open grid PVC matting perfect for locker rooms, showers/stalls, poolside, jacuzzis, docks, anywhere there is wet flooring.

Type TS pvc-free rubber stair treads by Roppe

Flooring brand Roppe’s Type TS pvc-free rubber stair treads can be specified as antifungal, flame-retardant or oil and grease-resistant.

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