Barrier-Free Bathing: Top Five

Barrier-Free Bathing: Top Five

Sitting flush with the bathroom floor, these shower stalls and drainage systems are not only visually neat and easy to install but also provide easy access for wheelchair users, prevent mildew and bacteria growth in the floor joints and facilitate thorough cleaning.

DuraPlan by Frank Huster for Duravit

Part of Duravit’s DuraPlan line by Frank Huster, these flush-fitting shower trays allow for installation after floor tiles have been set. A height-adjustable frame makes it possible to achieve a perfectly-suited space for the tray, while its outlet can be precisely positioned by means of a template. Duravit’s new and completely watertight drain system prevents the possibility of water damage and, if need be, the tray can be removed later to provide access for servicing.

CeraWall by Dallmer

CeraWall by German brand Dallmer is an innovative drainage system for level access showers where the water is centrally drained into the drainage housing through a concealed channel (or a drainage strip) installed at the transition between wall and floor above the composite sealing.

Barrier Free Shower by Quick Drain USA

As well as the  12 standard sizes offered, Quick Drain USA can produce custom sizes of linear drains to create a single slope, barrier free, wheelchair-accessible shower trasurface that drains towards the wall.

ShowerChannel by QuARTz by ACO

The ShowerChannel is a linear shower channel and grate by QuARTz by ACO, which can be located anywhere within the shower area. The linear channel allows for a level threshold entrance to the shower, with no need for a step, hob or other physical barrier to contain the water. Simple one-way grading of the floor towards the ShowerChannel creates a level threshold and creates easy wheelchair/disabled access.

Aqua-Kiel wall trim by Blanke USA

Blanke USA’s Aqua-Kiel stainless steel wall trim provides a neat connection where straight cut tiled shower walls meet sloped shower floors. The trim has a 2% slope for perfect pitch to the drain and easy installation.

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