At supersalone: Poltrona Frau Boundless Living

At supersalone: Poltrona Frau Boundless Living

What does it mean to live without boundaries? Philosophical notions of life purpose aside, I think we can all agree that “boundless” is a tempting proposition.

Boundless Living Solaria collection sofa and chairs with Teak table on blue carpet
Poltrona Frau Solaria collection at Milan Showroom

In the new outdoor collection from Poltrona Frau, “boundless” refers to a new paradigm for outdoor furniture, and hence, outdoor living: “Living without physical or imaginary borders, in search of places where furnishings adapt to the seasons and the various functions of the day.”

Boundless Living Secret Garden collection chairs, sofa, and table next to pool
Secret Garden collection by Poltrona Frau

The collection thus aspires to blur those traditional distinctions, between indoors and out, but also residential and commercial, public and private.

Boundless Living Solaria collection with red carpet and gray chairs/sofas surrounded by lush foliage

Boundless Living is comprised of two lines of furniture and one lighting: Solaria by Ludovica and Roberto Palomba, Secret Garden by Roberto Lazzeroni, and Sparkler by Kensaku Oshiro.

Boundless Living Sparkler lamp shaped like an avocado with perforated metal and lights shining through
Sparkler Portable Lamp
Boundless Living three Sparkler lamps illuminated on rocky beach

While distinct, the different lines complement one another through the use of materials and sustainable principles. The palette features natural, recognizable materials like stainless steel and FSC-certified solid Teak. Components are tooled for easy disassembly for recycling or to re-enter the materials stream.

Boundless Living Solaria low table iin Teak slat style with storage beneath
Low Table from the Solaria collection

Part of the idea here is that you compromise nothing in wanting to live (at least some part of the day) outdoors; thus, all the furniture has recognizable proportions, familiar volumes, and comfortable upholstery.

Boundless Living Solaria with white upholstery and red highlights on expansive terrace

Accessories like cushions, carpets, baskets, and tables enable interaction among the different styles, “addressing the technical specifications and complexities underlying outdoor living by inspiring personal and non-conventional use.”

Boundless Living Secret Garden sofa teak frame blue seat and white pillows
Secret Garden sofa

“Non-conventional” applies to venue as well. Poltrona Frau stresses that the collection transcends locale, adapting to seaside villas as readily as to smaller spaces like balconies, rooftops, and small terraces.

Boundless Living Solaria collection chairs and table with Sparkler lamps on terrace with white pillars in background

Poltrona Frau CEO Nicola Coropulis says that the collection not only transcends inside and out, but also constraints formerly ascribe to outdoor furniture: “It’s about interpreting space in a personal way… with our customisation options, we will be able to meet the needs of designers, offering more than just a product, but visions and lifestyles too.”

Boundless Living Secret Garden collection with table, chairs, and chaise lounges near pool

Visit Poltrona Frau at their Milan showroom, Via Alessandro Manzoni 30.

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