At supersalone: Porro’s Innovative Showroom

At supersalone: Porro’s Innovative Showroom

Porro’s showroom at Via Durini 15 is a living recapitulation of an entire home—futuresque to unfamiliar eyes but very much grounded in the present moment.

Electric Box storage and seating in entrance

The space showcases Porro’s recent innovations in manufacturing techniques that are “freed from the constraint of modularity.” The new plant (functioning since 2018) produces real-time cut panels, “offering the opportunity to experience in articulated spaces of limited size the versatility of Porro’s architectural systems.”

Electric box corridor with bench, black glass shelving, mirror, dark oak paneling

These systems are displayed via integrated storage throughout the entire location—in hallways and in bedrooms, at the showroom’s entrance and in its very center, wherein we find the Storage dressing room designed by Piero Lissoni + Porro Research.

Electric Box central storage with glass shelves and wooden elements on all sides storing clothing and accessories
Electric Box wooden storage  with glass shelves and wood paneling and drawers at far end with clothing hanging and red boxes in nook overhead

This space, referred to by Porro as “the core of the home,” epitomizes the concept, that of making storage front and center, often on display as seen here, but just as often seamlessly integrated into the home, hiding in plain sight, as it were, so that all of the elements perform a double duty.

Electric Box bedroom with black wood shelving and white bed

Even the spacious living area incorporates “places to put stuff.” Here, GamFretesi’s Kite Sofa convenes with Piero Lissoni’s Ferro Low Table: formidable furnishings yet they cede the spotlight to the impressive wall unit composition. evoking a Japanese motif with its densely-packed wooden forms that cleverly conceal a large TV, courtesy of a vertical sliding door in black canneté.

Electric Box living area with Piero Lissoni table, GamFretesi sofa, and storage wall unit with sliding doors concealing tv
Electric box living area close up of sliding door and wall unit

As you might expect, the showroom contains many more details, delights, and surprises than it’s possible to articulate here. So your best bet is to explore the display in person during Milan Design Week at the Porro Durinquindici showroom (via Durini 15).

Electric Box storage area with long white table and dining chairs with peach upholstery surrounded by glass shelves with plants and accessories

Go to Porro for additional information.

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