Hexa Stools by Lebello

Hexa Stools by Lebello

Part of the Forever Summer Collection by Lebello, Hexa Stools revel in the six-sided geometric form. The stools themselves are hexagonal in shape, and they come upholstered in hexagonal fabric. Double hex on you.


Available in small, medium, and large sizes and in two heights, Hexa Stools can be used alone or in groups, as their angled sides can be joined "to create an endless assortment of outdoor configurations."


Upholstered in an exclusive Hexagon G5 Knit-Tech fabric made in Italy, Hexa Stools feature a special foam with a high-performance rebound and compression ratio.


Hexa Stools are ready for anything from sunset cocktails to moonlit dining to evening parties.


Get more information at www.lebello.com.

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