At supersalone: Doga

At supersalone: Doga

Doga by Nardi is a perfect chair for the dog days of summer.

Nardi Doga chair red detailed view

It’s also ideal for street-side seating, as in the style of relaxation common across the squares of Europe, and especially in Milan, home of supersalone where this stylish outdoor chair debuts next week.

Nardi Doga chair three chairs outdoors side view

Doga looks simple enough but is actually a complex creation by designer Raffaello Galiotto, aided in the endeavor with 3D modeling technology: “Each slat is a kind of half-cylinder resting on the frame and connected thanks to this sophisticated software, which has led to a pleasant effect of visual and tactile softness.”

Nardi Doga chair detail of rear mint

Like all Nardi products, Doga features recycled polypropylene and sustainable production processes.

Nardi Doga chair overhead view of three chairs: green, kelly green, and yellow

Enjoy your Doga with or without arms and in your choice of several colors: white, anthracite, tobacco, cappuccino, marsala, mint, pear, and agave. And add the accompanying monobloc table for a place to put your espresso!

Nardi Doga chair green chair with matching table

Discover more at Nardi and at supersalone 2021. And check out Designer Pages Media to see additional work by Nardi.

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