David Narin Perfects the Folding Chair

David Narin Perfects the Folding Chair

Folding chairs get short shrift. Typically utilitarian affairs of tubular steel and crinkly beige plastic upholstery, they’re often consigned to garages and sheds and, it seems, only trotted out when an undesirable uncle or cousin insists on staying for dinner.

Narin Chair in oak near desk

Perhaps if the chair looked and worked better it would attract more congenial guests?

Narin chair natural with small table

By David Narin for Case Furniture, the Narin Folding Chair is the Ur expression of this useful furnishing. Beautifully sculpted in wood, the chair was inspired by the innovative, adaptable environment of design workshops: “I set out to design a folding chair that didn’t compromise on aesthetics or comfort for it to fold, took inspiration from the constantly adapting nature of workshops, from the function and forms of trestles, folding A-frames and other temporary support structures.”

Designer folding chair in white

Use the chair as a permanent addition to a dining set, a stow-able centerpiece for a personalized workstation, or the most lightweight and beautiful multi-purpose chair you’ll ever sit in.

wooden folding chair in black with nice matching desk

The Narin Folding chair is made of a solid wood frame, layered birch ply, and stainless steel fasteners. The turned legs integrate seamlessly into the backrest, this junction also serving as the pivot mount for folding.

David Nari's folding chair in natural on white  background

Read more at Case Furniture. And check out the Celine Desk, another fine work of handcrafted wood by the same brand.

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