Vista Essence

Vista Essence

Newform Ufficio presents Vista Essence, a restyling of the Vista collection with a new surface material.

Vista Essence desks in white with red and yellow partitions in sunny office space

For this iteration, the surfaces are melamine, a versatile material that’s made of paper sheets infused with resin.

Vista Essence large table and desks with powder blue chairs in office space with large picture window

The process results in a durable product with a wide aesthetic range, including finishes that resemble real wood or fabric.

Vista Essence large conference table and reception desk

The Vista Essence line includes table and desk surfaces in addition to partitions and storage units. The latter are especially versatile, doubling as bases for desks and also offering extra seating with upholstered cushions attached to the top.

Vista Essence desks with white surface and black/yellow work chairs  in modern office space with view of trees

Find out more at Newform Ufficio.

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