At NeoCon 2021: KI

At NeoCon 2021: KI

KI is made for NeoCon and NeoCon is made for KI.

KI NeoCon Bobbr Undermount Storage in blue with white laminate top and other tables in background
Bobbr Undermount Storage

After an extended hiatus, the show welcomes back the company’s brand of smart, light, and affordable workplace furniture.

KI NeoCon Pirouette tabels white with green chairs in conference room
Pirouette Height-Adjustable Tables

These are solutions-oriented pieces, embracing flexibilty, saving-space, and offering a host of intuitive features that aid efficiency and productivity. The Ruckus line of activity tables, worktables, and post-leg desks, for instance, are tailor-made for teaching venues.

KI Ruckus Worktable black with wood top in classroom
Ruckus Worktable

With removable casters, integrated storage, and bomb-proof durability (tested for up to 2,000 lbs), the Ruckus line is equipped to handle a variety of educational endeavors.

KI Ruckus post-leg desks with white top and red legs two tables in workroom with gray carpet and blue chairs against the window
Ruckus Activity Tables and Post-Leg Desks

The Bobbr undermount storage modules pull their weight as well. They offer dual storage components; options for open front, top drawer, or bottom door; and an enviable palette of contrasting paint. The drawers and doors are easy to operate with a seamless push open function and lockable doors.

KI Bobbr undermount storage with blue drawer and gray edge of table visible with partial view of task chair with cork seat
Bobbr Undermount Storage with Lockable Front Drawer

And C-Table Max eyes the demands of solo work. “Pairing productivity with comfort,” C-Table Max accommodates nicely to non-traditional environments.

KI C-Table Max round with cream top and silver leg and base next to modular curved lounge and futuristic chair
KI C-Table Max

These compact personal workspaces cozy up nicely to lounge furniture. They also come in a variety of tabletop shapes and are equipped with fixed or height-adjustable “c” shaped bases that nest closely to the user.

KI C-Table Max white and gray with man working seated in modular lounge
C-Table Max

Go to KI for further information. And be sure to stop in KI’s showroom (#1181) during NeoCon 2021.

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