Let’s Make Room To Play

Let’s Make Room To Play

We’ve heard a lot about bringing more play into the workspace, how about bringing more work into the play space?

Play+ Furniture modular builiding elements with kids

That’s one of the ideas behind Room To Play’s Play+ Collection: how best to structure an environment that inherently helps to integrate learning and play

Play+ Furniture table with chairs

Play+ is child-friendly and kid-safe. Comprised of a range of seating, tables, modular elements, mats, interactive landscapes, and storage, the collection invites carefree play while also facilitating learning.

Play+ Furniture storage cubbies with kids in classroom

In addition to being PVC- and latex-free, the elements are comfortable and dynamic—with a range of vibrant colors and engaging shapes.

Play+ Furniture modular shapes

The solid pieces use FSC-certified hardwood, steel and MDF; and the soft pieces feature a proprietary fabric that’s odorless and easy to clean.

Play+ Furniture soft chair in orange and pink

Developed in collaboration with the municipal infant-toddler centers and preschools of Reggio Emilia in Italy, Play+ has been featured at sustainability events across the globe.

Play+ Furniture ottomans in many colors with girl balancing

To find out more, see Room To Play.

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