Architectural Cylinders

Architectural Cylinders

Like a benevolent beam from above, H.E. Williams’ Architectural Cylinders illuminate your environs with precision and panache.

Architectural Cylinders light several lights in office lobby

These pendants are workhorses, providing extensive and even lighting for large open spaces like museums, churches, universities, and airports.

Architectural Cylinders light several lights in reception area

In smaller clusters they also work nicely for intimate enclaves.

Architectural Cylinders lights in nook near elevator in office

Focus can be as narrow as a tunnel or as broad as your imagination allows; the spectrum is from 8 to 70 degrees.

Architectural Cylinder lights three lights above two chairs and a sofa

H.E. Williams Architectural Cylinders are available in square or round styles, sized at 4, 6, or 8 inches.

Architectural Cylinders light flush mount lights in office hallway

Find out more at H.E. Williams. And see Designer Pages Media for other impressive lighting installations.

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