Luxx Box’s Georgina Pendant Elicits a Hush

Luxx Box’s Georgina Pendant Elicits a Hush

An elegant and classically beautiful light with a lovely frosted glass diffuser, Georgina is “as visually appealing as it is practical.”

Two gray felt pendants

And the shade is made of felt for a reason. Georgina is a multi-function light that not only offers beautiful down illumination but also improves acoustics.

Three Georgina pendants in black, gray, and green

The acoustical shade is made of recycled materials. It’s also fully recyclable at product’s end of life—one more reason to embrace the warm glow of this very versatile fixture.

Georgina pendants view from below showing the frosted glass bulb
Georgina over table

Georgina features a high-performance LED with a lumen output of 1228 and a formidable noise reduction coefficient of .6

Georgina pendant: three pendants with gray shade above long stadium-style conference table with five task chairs

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