1800 Ways to Personalize the 1800 Luminaire by Ayal Rosin

One great thing about customizable lighting is that it can complement any d©cor and any setting-commercial, residential, and anything in between. German company Ayal Rosin is fully aware of the design possibilities afforded by such fixtures: they suggest that their 1800 pendant lamp is ideal for spaces such as "churches, synagogues, foyers, bars, restaurants, meeting rooms and many more." With 1800, you can get away with using the same light in a religious or sinful setting, because the face of the round luminaire "offers a creative platform." Either the client can supply graphics for 1800 or Ayal Rosin can design special graphics that befit the client's needs and desires. And if you're someone with a changeable mind, then 1800 will suit you as well, because the surface "can be changed." Even if you're a steady client who likes consistency, you may ultimately have to update your look-and then 1800's versatility will serve you well.

1800 Luminaire. Designed by Ayal Rosin.

Circular Pendant with Customizable Graphics

1800 offers a generous circumference of approximately 70 inches; its height is a slim 11 inches, though it can be enlarged since its "adjustable aluminum shades allow a variable light output pattern." Equipped with eighteen halogen lamps (standard or low voltage), you can definitely enjoy "the full splendour of this floating luminaire." Restaurants can choose glutton-inspired graphics: candi-colored petit fours or oversized goblets of wine. Churches have divine visual options: stained glass, immaculate virgins, or flying buttresses.

commercial lighting, graphic light, lamp, lighting design
1800 Ways to Personalize the 1800 Luminaire by Ayal Rosin
commercial lighting, graphic light, lighting design

The 1800 allows people to highlight their quirks and odd proclivities. New Yorkers can celebrate their city with images of the Brooklyn Bridge, the Chrysler Building, or the new Beekman Tower. Denizens of the great Western states could display elks rutting or wolves howling. I have a brother who might like to showcase spotted eagle rays and a brother-in-law who might like to present antique one-speed bicycles. The 1800 is an ideal vehicle for Ayal Rosin's design enterprise-one of the elements of their aesthetic philosophy is "clear strong stylistic idioms."

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