Slip Into this Comfy Beret by Sandler Seating

Slip Into this Comfy Beret by Sandler Seating

Designed by Gabriela Raible, Beret by Sandler Seating reflects the aesthetic of its auteur, who’s known for a “straightforwardness and clarity that is associated with sophistication.”

Beret by Sandler Seating plain no arms at table

Beret is both sophisticated and down-to-earth. The chairs (side-chair, armchair, and lounge versions) are compact yet inviting, walking a nice balance between its streamlined silhouette and cushioned upholstery.

Beret by Sandler Seating detail of two chairs one with geometric styling

The chairs also feature expert detailing, with an option for an intricate geometric design.

Beret by Sandler Seating back brown lounge chair with design

Beret is part of Sandler Seating’s Tonon Collection, a series manufactured exclusively in Italy that has evolved from the work of renowned European designers like Martin Ballendat, Mac Stopa, and Peter Maly.

Beret by Sandler Seating two chairs front view one arms one no arms with capitonne detail

The legs are available in Beech or Walnut and may be stained to customer specifications. Upholstery options include fabric and leather.

Beret by Sandler Seating family of all chairs

Go to Sandler Seating to find out more. And see other examples of European designed seating at Designer Pages Media.

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