Allegri Crystal’s Captivating Capuccio Chandelier

Allegri Crystal’s Captivating Capuccio Chandelier

Allegri Crystal’s Capuccio is described as having an old world aesthetic. Indeed it does, but it also suggests a sense of something indecipherable, like hieroglyphics or an ancient Cyrillic text.

Capuccio pendant with white background

The light possesses both streamlined and intricate elements. The bulk of it is made of fine Firenzi crystal, yet these sublime shapes are contained within the geometric confines of a matte black frame.

Capuccio pendant detail of crystal and black frame

The juxtaposition between contemporary and old world elements creates a tension that manifests in the quality of the illumination. A concealed LED light bar projects light through the crystals, “adding a hint of softness while providing maximum light refraction from different angles.”

Capuccio wall sconce double sconces with circular mirrors between in modern bathroom

Capuccio is available as an island light or wall sconce.

Capuccio wall sconce on white background

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