Luxury Porcelain Surfaces from Walker Zanger

Luxury Porcelain Surfaces from Walker Zanger

Walker Zanger presents a series of porcelain surfaces that achieve a neat trick of prestidigitation. These “Masters of Disguise” offer the look of fine marble and the affordability, durability, and ease of porcelain.

Porcelain Surfaces Barcelona on outdoor patio and wall

There are three collections. Landscape integrates a classic look of stone into your outdoor environs with large-format tiles that offer weather resistance and the appearance of Carrara marble.

Porcelain Surfaces Landscape light gray paving stones

Secolo is a slab product for interior and exterior use. Pieces may be custom specified for both residential and commercial applications—“interior surfaces, exterior walls, and water features.”

Porcelain Surfaces Secolo on wall above kitchen countertop

And Barcelona is a versatile tile with aesthetic roots in both nature and modernist architecture. The organic lines not only recall vein-cut onyx but also shifting sands and tides, making for a stunning aesthetic statement.

porcelain surfaces Barcelona on floor and wall of bedroom

Find out more about Walker Zanger’s versatile porcelain products here. And go to Designer Pages Media for more innovative architectural finishes.

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